New Cabins at Ryabaga Camp on the Ponoi…

The new cabins at Ryabaga Camp on the Ponoi are up and running and being used by guests this past week and are getting rave reviews even from the hard core lovers of the famous Ponoi tents!

DSC_7290        DSC_7386 For the 2014 season there will be 4 cabins available for eight people in the spring and seven cabins available in the autumn for fourteen people. Priority for cabins will be given to those who paid for the Guest House in the previous year. It should be possible to give everyone a single tent or single room in a cabin. There will be no single tent surcharge. It is hoped that Ryabaga Camp will be all cabins for the 2015 season.

Each cabin has a queen size bed, heated cupboard, desk, chair and shelves as well as an ensuite bathroom. Outside the duplex cabins is plenty of room to hang waders and boots under cover from the weather. All the cabins have fine views out over the tundra and the river.

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Have a look at the pictures…contact Tarquin Millington-Drake at for more details.


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