Ryabaga Camp Cabins – Single Ensuite Cabins for all Guests

Let us be clear once and for all, accommodation at the Ryabaga Camp on the Ponoi is all single rooms with ensuite bathrooms in cabins viagra bestellen. The famous tents, loved by so many, are a thing of the past but there are one or two in case regular guests absolutely require a tent!

Ryabaga Camp Cabins 2014 from Tarquin Millington-Drake on Vimeo.

The cabins are duplex so you are still close to your fishing partner. Each building has two rooms, each with ensuite bathrooms with a shower. They have a raised platform deck that connects the entrances to the two rooms. The deck has hooks for hanging waders and a long bench that is ideal for putting on waders and assembling fishing equipment.

The view from each cabin is superb and they have proved to be super-quiet
due to their insulation. Nobody arrives early to breakfast any more! There are easy paths to each cabin. All cabins are equipped with wireless fire alarm systems and are therefore non-smoking! The generator also runs 24 hours a day, which suits those up late or the need for charging equipment.

Inside each room there is a queen-sized bed with a duvet. Large Finnish down pillows are provided. There is a good drying system for waders and other clothes in the bathroom.  There are three large glass windows, two of which can be opened as needed, allowing for natural light and fresh air during the day, while overhanging and bedside lamps provide a warm glow at night. Mosquito netting is provided for the opening windows. Each cabin room is heated and, with the ensuite bathroom, ensures optimal comfort for guests at the Ryabaga Camp. Towels and robes are provided in each room.

Ryabaga Camp remains at the forefront of comfort on Russia’s Kola Peninsula.

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