Reykjavik Sky.

Travelling through Iceland – 2012 – Arrival Day

I am back in Iceland for one of my favourite times of year. My 19th year on the Sela with friends. I often try and visit other rivers before arriving at Sela or try and do a little extra fishing. But this year, instead of ‘gunning’ it to a river, I planned to research more what many of my clients are asking to do which is see more of Iceland with their partner before going on fishing and sharing a rod. I have seen a lot of Iceland and absolutely love driving in Iceland, the scenary is stunning and there is very little traffic so the driving is a pleasure but it has always been a bit of a blur as I high-tail it to make it to a river in time for fishing!

On arrival I went to review the Keflavik Hotels which are generally used by clients over-nighting when they arrive in Iceland on the late flight, or when they have an overnight before catching the early flight back to the UK. I went to see the Hotel Keflavik first. They were very helpful and showed me various rooms. The rooms that they have upgraded were good, with decent-sized bathrooms and good value. They have promised me a good rate for next year. They plan to finish upgrading all the rooms over the winter. Though the old rooms were fine, they were slightly irrelevant given their plans. There used to be good pizzas there but they now have a rather better restaurant. I went to look at the Icelandair Hotel next door. They two have upgraded rooms which are also very nice and spacious. They do not plan to upgrade the other rooms therefore there really is a two tier offering there, the lesser rooms are fine but I have to say I preferred the Hotel Keflavik and they were very friendly and helpful too. We are only talking about an overnight with a shuttle bus (which they both have) so either is fine.

The real surprise was the Bed and Breakfast Keflavik, which is in the old US barracks so in a rather strange place in a barrack-looking building. However at €77 for a night for the most enormous room, breakfast on offer from 4.30 am, and a restaurant a short walk away, this seemed like the best value. They seemed friendly and efficient and I could not see any real reason not to use this. It did not feel very hotel-like and it is in a weird place but the rooms were great and the bathrooms spacious and that is all you really need!

Reykjavik Sky.

I leave you with a picture of the wonderful sky over Reykjavik that night. I love Iceland for its moody weather and as a photographer it makes for interesting and challenging work. This shot was taken with my phone!

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  3. simmo

    i got nicked by the speed police en route to keflavik which added £198 to my credit card bill for doing 124kmh in a 90kmh limit.

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  4. Richard Hewitt

    I have made the long drive to Northern Iceland a few times now and it is indeed a joy and many wonderful sights.

    Just one word of caution and that is to watch out for the traffic police! They are hot and I recall to my cost the fines are very expensive.


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  5. Dieter

    Hi Tarquin,

    I’ll Travel Iceland with a local guide for fourtnight in summer 2013 in company of my family ( mother & younger son )
    The guide pointed into the direction that there will be more to observe than the waters.
    He wants to open up our eyes and minds for the natural wonders.
    Take care!



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