Rounding up horses.

Travelling through Iceland – 2012 – Final comment Akureyri

I leave you with a few more shots of Akureyri and the beautiful day that it was as I left. Also, with some typical Icelandic scenes on my final journey which took me back to Egilsstadir via Lake Myvatn, along the Jokla river, up over a mountain to Vopnafjordur the other side. I drove close to 1000 miles in three days. It was a rush and from a personal point of view I regret not planning longer to enjoy what I saw. I did not stop enough, nor did/was I able to take time out to walk out and see the glaciers properly or walk up a hill and look into an old volcano etc. From a photography point of view I hardly scratched the surface. Many of the images I have posted were taken from the car. There simply was not time to plan images and set them up and wait for the perfect light or exposure. From a photography point of view I could do with a month!

The church at Akureyri.

Main shopping drag Akureyri.

“Farmers Market’ Icelandic sweaters.

“Farmers Market’ label.

Another well known brand, Geysir, produce a wide selection of socks

Typical Icelandic sweaters.

The Geysir shop at Akureyri.

Advertising the upcoming arts festival.

The dresses were hung above the street.

The famous 66 Degrees North Clothing logo.

Looking back to Akureyri from the bridge.

Akureyri is surrounded by snow-capped mountains.

A working farm tucked under the mountains.

Entrance to Eyjafjordur.

So I would ideally recommend at least double the time I took if you don’t want to be rushed and you want to really enjoy and learn more about what you are seeing. Also, to take your time over the wonderful food that Iceland has to offer. The signature Icelandic dishes are lobster tails, cod, lamb and salmon. They also have many other great white fish. There is also skyr of course! Blueberry skyr with cream is pretty amazing!

Rounding up horses.

I also only really scratched the surface in terms of how much of Iceland I saw and of course what I did. There is the whole art scene, food scene, history, sagas etc and I missed the other two thirds of the country too!

Lake Myvatn, part of my final drive.

The view over Namaskard as I made my last drive.

The road through the pass out of the desert.

I spent my morning having a look around Akureyri before heading off in search of fish. It seems Iceland in general is having a poor year with lack of water but also lack of fish. We’ll see how I do…fingers crossed. I really liked Akureyri, a very easy-going and colourful town with a stunning setting amid the white-capped mountains along the edge of the fjord.

View down the Jokla river. I drove over the mountain in the background.

Horses grazing on the flatlands.

Bringing in the hay under the shadow of the mountains.

The famous Icelandic pony.

Bottom line…Would I recommend what I have done, absolutely, with the proviso that I would recommend taking more time. All that needs saying now is ‘wish you were here’!

The view looking down from the mountain.

Same view.

The road up the hill.

First view of the sea the other side.

The road down the other side.

First view of Vopnafjordur.

Gathering the hay for winter by the Hofsa.

Entering Vopnafjordur.

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