A summary of films and clips about Ryabaga Camp on the Ponoi

Here is a list of all the films and clips of the Ryabaga Camp on the Ponoi and its wonderful fishing…

The first film was entitled The Incomparable Ponoi was made in 2011. It is a fine film giving general perspective on the Ryabaga Camp and the fishing.

This film is now supported by some more detailed information films as follows:

The first of the series of short information films about the Ponoi is entitled The Fishing Seasons and tells the story of the different seasons on this wonderful river and the different runs of fish.

A Day of Ponoi tells the story of what actually goes on during a typical day in Ryabaga camp and on the river.

Camp Facilities takes you on a tour of camp and shows you behind the scenes and meeting some of the key staff like the head chef, the doctor, masseuse and key mechanics.

Boats and Wading is the definitive informational film on what role the boats on Ponoi play and why and showing the almost unlimited wading opportunities.

A Message from the Owner is literally a message from the owner of Ryabaga Camp, Ilya Sherbovich, where he gives his personal story about how he grew to love, and eventually own, Ryabaga Camp and how he views it today.

The Scientific Project is a discussion between ex-President of PRC Tarquin Millington-Drake and three-year Ryabaga Camp guide Barrett Mattison who was involved with the day to day project.

Celebration of Spring fishing on Ponoi – is an amateur GoPro 3 video of one person’s experience fishing a week on the Ponoi out of Ryabaga Camp, mostly wading but with some fishing from boat which shows good use of the boat, casting and swinging flies away from lies beside the bank. It gives an idea of the superb camp, the service, the comfort and the incredible visual action. A skated fly was used almost exclusively for the week. Best viewed as large as possible.

There are then some other amatear clips made by Tarquin Millington-Drake and Alan Maughan as follows:

Spring fishing – after hours above Home Pool shows walking beyond Home Pool from Camp upriver and fishing some great water after dinner.

Spring fishing – after hours below Home Pool shows some of the fishing below Home Pool again after hours. A special time to explore Ponoi on your own.

Spring fishing – Home Pool shows fishing the wonderful Ryabaga Camp Home pool after hours under the midnight sun. Perhaps one of the most special moments in all salmon fishing.

Making of the the Ponoi Short Films – another classic autumn fish shows some amusing moments of Tarquin Millington-Drake being instructed by film-maker Alan Maughan while they filmed a wonderful 14lbs autumn hen fish.

Classic Autumn Run Fish – Ryabaga Ponoi is filmed with a GoPro and shows a massive run of a just a 10lbs autumn fish caught on film. These extraordinary runs are typical of the autumn fish especially when wading.

Memories of Ponoi 2010 – a film by Alan Maughan about his holiday fishing the Ponoi in the autumn of 2010 with some photographs by Tarquin Millington-Drake



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