The Making of the Ponoi Short Films Pt I

This movie is not a classic ‘making of’ film but it is the ‘raw’ or Go Pro side of hooking, playing and filming one of the wonderful autumn run fish in the short film on The Fishing Seasons. I apologise for the inclusions of some poor language.

The whole battle took over 25 minutes with lots of winding etc, much of which has been cut out.

It shows the time and effort that went in to capturing the footage with great patience on my part and great effort, skill and agility from the film-maker Alan Maughan. The piece of water is the middle section of Tomba below the lunch tent where there is a large gravel bar creating a channel where this fish was hooked. It is a very attractive piece of water, like a large tail. There were tons of fish running that day as I comment. It also shows how magnificent and strong these fish are. We were lucky that the fish jumped as it did because these high quality cameras have to be set up unlike the Go Pro this was filmed with.

Enjoy and there is one more clip like this to come.

The making of Fishing Season Ponoi Autumn 2012 Pt I from Tarquin Millington-Drake on Vimeo.

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