Celebration of Spring on the Ponoi, a new short film…

This is an amateur GoPro 3 video of one person’s experience fishing a week on the Ponoi out of Ryabaga Camp, mostly wading but with some fishing from boat which shows good use of the boat, casting and swinging flies away from lies beside the bank. It gives an idea of the superb camp, the service, the comfort and the incredible visual action. A skated fly was used almost exclusively for the week. Best viewed as large as possible.

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  1. Arthur

    Just watched this again, as I have done several times before. Ofcourse I share all of Dieter’s sentiments. This was a very special week. We had a lot of fun! Next time…

  2. Dieter Lampe

    As a lucky guest fishing the spring week from 1st to 8 th of June 2013 I was a witnesser of Ponoi’s great potential.
    This short video, well done by a semi professional, is reflecting the reality only in parts.
    But this video, for sure, is waking up the good memories again
    You have to cast your skating fly under the midnight sun by yourself, becoming part of a fly fishing group, building up team spirit and friendship within hours and days.
    A week in Ryabaga means much more than catching a lot of fish.
    It’s a memory of a lifetime, which you don’t want to miss anymore!

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