Spring fishing on the Ponoi after hours above Ryabaga Home Pool – a short Go Pro Movie

This is a good example of what guests can enjoy any evening or morning on the Ponoi as well as Home Pool. Walk up or down river, here a walk up river for about 15 mins. Look for interesting water, of which there is tons and start fishing. Note the walking in the tundra is easy and along the bank which shows the kind of wading there is on the Purnache beat on the Ponoi. The fish were all about 8 or 9lbs. One silver over-wintered, one darker over-wintered (it came in when there was warmer water) and one summer run. The evening ended with six fish in about a couple of hours but it got off to a good start as you can see! Not a fine piece of artistic filming but informative using a Go Pro II.

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