Mike Strutt with a 12lbs autumn fish from 2012.

Russia – Ponoi River – Ryabaga Camp – 5th film in the series…The Camp Facilities

The Camp Facilities – a detailed look at all the staff and facilities on offer at Ryabaga Camp from the food to the massage and medical room to bathrooms etc, it is all there to see here.

Mike Strutt with a 12lbs autumn fish from 2012.

The first of the series of short information films about the Ponoi went live before Christmas. Have a look at it here. This film, entitled The Fishing Seasons, tells the story of the different seasons on this wonderful river and the different runs of fish. Other films include…

A Typical Ponoi Day – what actually goes on during a typical day in camp and on the river can be viewed here.

Boats and Wading – the definitive informational film on what role the boats on Ponoi play and why and showing the almost unlimited wading opportunities can be viewed here.

A Message from the Owner – The owner, Ilya Sherbovich, gives his personal story about how he grew to love, and eventually own, Ryabaga Camp and how he views it today can be viewed here.

The last two films to come out soon will be…

The Scientific Work – a short interview about the work done on the river which ensures it is well looked after and any concerns are detected early.

The Ponoi Journey – a careful look at how to get to Ryabaga Camp from your home and back.

These films are made for informational purposes and should provide a great deal of information to those thinking of planning a trip to the Ponoi. Recent response suggests a real appreciation for the lack of sales pitch and the amount of information.

With thanks to Alan Maughan for all his work in making these short films such a success.

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